The present football directors and mentors have a more noteworthy comprehension of emotional wellness issues, however, work despite everything should be done, says Leon McKenzie.

Talking in front of the Heads Up battle ends of the week across football (February 8/9 and February 15/16), previous Norwich and Crystal Palace striker McKenzie says a key piece of man the executives is to comprehend player issues outside of football.

McKenzie resigned from football in 2013 following an 18-year profession, which started at Palace during the 1990s and finished not long after a suicide endeavor and serious damage issues.

He in this way reexamined himself as an effective fighter, and of his 11-star battles, McKenzie won eight, including a session against Ivan Stupalo for the International Masters super-middleweight title.

In a restrictive meeting with Sky Sports’ Patrick Davison for the Heads Up crusade, McKenzie opens up about what drove him to his suicide endeavor, offers guidance for youthful players and colleagues, and why it is critical to screen the individuals who have been harmed.

McKenzie opened up about the conditions which prompted his suicide endeavor after damage with Charlton in 2010.

McKenzie accepts there are numerous presumptions around retirement, and that the psychological cost it can have on players is regularly disregarded. Here, he additionally demands players ought to have an early arrangement for retirement.

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