Lewa – He has the most goals in La Liga. So nothing to say about him. But he is yet to score a goal in a Barca jersey in a big match We did not get his performance as expected especially with the big team. Missed the away match with Bayern. If we could have won that match, our confidence level would have gone to another level One of the reasons is not giving him enough balls in the Dbox. An injury-free Dembele & Rafinha could have given a good gift if he could have crossed.

Rafinha – I am afraid to say anything about it. Because if something is said about it, Brazil fans bring up the topic of Argentina-Brazil. But it has to be said, he should work on himself a little more. Last left out of the Brazil squad, Antoni performed well in his position. Dribbling, speed is much ahead of Rafinha. So it is clear that Rafinha needs to do better. But I will stand for Rafinha because there is no one like Balde on his side. The ball has to be pulled from the middle of the field and entered into the D box. How about a 1vs1 with him?! Who will do it with? Is there anyone no KC was asked to do this in yesterday’s El Clasico & KC failed miserably. If the ball supply from the right back was good & Rafinha was not playing well then he could be blamed. But Rafinha loses a lot of balls and spoils the attack. It seems that Rafinha should work on it. Sometimes his loose ball is a cause of irritation. But the service he has given us in La Liga in Dembele’s absence is unparalleled

I will not say that our defense-mid has given bad service this season. Busquets are a little slow, but Frankie de Jong, Pedri, and Gabi make up for it.

One of the reasons for our failure in Uchal & Europe this year is our strikers not scoring goals. We played well in the away match against Bayern but did not score. I was in a good position with Inter Milan but I didn’t score. But we didn’t lose any match like drowning. We couldn’t score goals, missed easy chances, and lost a few matches because of this.

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