Boxing Lovers the wait is over the fight between Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia will be held on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia are both talented young boxers in the lightweight division. Ultimately, a Davis vs. Garcia fight would be a highly anticipated matchup between two of boxing’s rising stars, and could potentially determine the next big name in the lightweight division.

This would be an exciting matchup between two skilled and powerful fighters. Davis is known for his explosive punching power and aggressive fighting style, while Garcia is known for his speed and technical ability in the ring. Overall, a fight between Davis and Garcia would be a significant event in the boxing world, and it would be interesting to see which fighter’s style would come out on top.

Boxing Schedule
EventGervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia
DateApril 22, 2023
Main Card Time11 p.m. ET / 4 a.m. BST / 5 a.m. CET
VenueMobile Arena, Las Vegas, USA
Live StreamWatch Here

Both fighters have impressive records, with Davis holding a perfect 25-0 record with 24 knockouts, and Garcia holding a 21-0 record with 18 knockouts. However, Davis has faced tougher opposition in his career, with wins over the likes of Leo Santa Cruz, Yuriorkis Gamboa, and Jose Pedraza.

How to watch Davis vs Garcia Fight?

Davis vs Garcia Fight will stream on The fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia is officially scheduled, and it will likely be available to watch on a pay-per-view basis through cable and satellite providers. Additionally, there may be streaming options available through various online platforms, such as DAZN or Showtime, depending on the broadcast rights and agreements in place for the fight.

It’s best to check with your cable or satellite provider or the streaming platforms mentioned above to see if they will be offering the fight and how you can order or subscribe to watch it.

Details About “Gervonta Davis”

In terms of style, Gervonta Davis is a powerful southpaw who likes to move forward and is known for his explosive punching power. He has quick reflexes and is capable of landing knockout punches from various angles. Davis is also a proficient body puncher, and his punches to the body have proven to be particularly effective in his fights.

Details About “Ryan Garcia”

Ryan Garcia, on the other hand, is an orthodox fighter with a more technical style. He is known for his speed and quickness, particularly with his hands, and has demonstrated excellent footwork in the ring. He is also a counterpuncher and is skilled at avoiding his opponents’ punches while setting up his own combinations.

Both fighters have impressive knockouts in their career and have shown a willingness to engage in high-action fights. However, Gervonta Davis has faced and beaten tougher opposition, including world champions and former champions, while Ryan Garcia’s most significant win was against Luke Campbell, a former lightweight title challenger.

Final Word

The potential matchup between Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia has generated a lot of interest in the boxing world, as both fighters are talented and exciting to watch. While the fight has not yet been officially announced or scheduled, it would likely be available to watch through pay-per-view on cable or satellite providers and possibly through streaming platforms.

If the fight were to happen, it would be a significant event in the lightweight division, as both fighters have demonstrated impressive skills and knockout power. Ultimately, the outcome of the fight would come down to the styles and strategies of the fighters, and it would be interesting to see who would come out on top.

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