A lot is revealed in this film. In the recent PSG last match, Neymar and Mbappe can discuss the penalty on the field. PSG’s dressing room is a little heated about this.

Mbappe is a selfish and somewhat cynical type of player. In fact, the PSG president is mainly responsible for the impact Mbappe is trying to make on the field and in the dressing room. Because to retain him, everything including salary, the bonus has increased more than necessary. The main problem is that Mbappe got more than expected.

How many people knew him before? Some matches in the 2018 World Cup came to the media’s attention by playing well. Now come to the point Neymar is a great player. Not only that, Neymar performs much better on the field than Mbappe. I didn’t talk about Messi because Mbappé is a milk baby to Messi.

He missed his first penalty in the last match. Then he got another penalty which Neymar went to take but even there he appealed to Neymar to take the penalty. But Neymar did not give. In this, he burned the brinjal in the oil.

The most surprising thing is that Messi did not say anything about taking a penalty for once! Soja was standing quietly on one side of the field. Doubts whether a humble player like Messi has a second one? Even when a legend like Messi was on the field, he didn’t flinch like Mbappe to take a penalty shot.

How do you troll people like Messi? How to hate? How can you criticize him because there is nothing in his career that he has not achieved? Messi wants the team to win, not to achieve anything alone as the team’s achievement is selfish.

A legend like Messi doesn’t get much ball supply even after being on the field. Where will Messi get the ball where selfish players like Nunu Mendes, and Hakimi are on the field? In fact, one is Portuguese and the other is a former Madridista.

The only reason to highlight these things is that Messi cannot play with all his heart because of being with all these selfish teammates. As long as there are selfish players like Mbappe, Nuno Mendes, and Hakimi, PSG will not be able to do well at least in the Champions League.

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