Alexia Putellas was selected as the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year last year.

This year too she was selected as the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year. Congratulations Alexia the Wonder Girl. Although UCL won last year, this time his team Barca lost in the final. The Barca women’s team did not lose a single match in the league and was unbeaten in the UCL semis.

They suffered their only loss of the season against Wolfsburg in the semis, but Barca progressed to the final on aggregate. All dreams were dashed against the Olympic Lions in the final. After conceding 3 goals, Alexia’s only goal brought relief to the stadium. Barca lost.

Alexia Putellas tournament is the best. He had the most important goal. The team won the league and the Copa del Rey. That’s why he won the UEFA Player of the Year. He deserves it. Couldn’t play in the Women’s Euro due to injury. This time England became the Euro Champions. That’s why England’s women’s coach Serena became the best women’s coach of the year.
In the men’s list, Real’s Ancelotti won the coach of the year and Karim Benzema won the player of the year. He had a total of 15 goals. He disturbs it.
Note: In a Row! Alexia is the only winner of the Ballon d’Or, FIFA The Best, and UEFA Football of the Year awards.

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