Like other Brazilians, Casemiro is also a Messi fan. Casemiro said the above in an interview last year. Casemiro would have had a good fight with Messi in the Clasico. I don’t like Casemiro the person like many culls, but the player Casemiro is great, a true football fan can’t deny that.

Casemiro is going from strength to strength with Man U. As a rival fan, I have to say this decision is disgusting. Man U is definitely a giant team, but there is no difference between the current management and our Barto’s management. That is what is called rote transfer.

Real Madrid has many history and traditions. It is natural that any player would want to come to Barcelona or Real Madrid. It is a dream of many players. Real has had a number of vital players commit suicide over the past few years, Casemiro being one of the latest. Real Madrid fans don’t even know why Casse is going. Real is a great team this season too, they are strong enough to compete in Europe. Real would certainly lose a huge part of the midfield if they lose Casey.

They don’t even know what your current project is. A player runs behind, there is no plan! The whole transfer is over on the back of a de Jong. Even if the elite wants any player, they are reluctant to come.

The same goes for Argentinian Lisandro Martinez. As an Argentinian fan, Arsenal was a good enough option for him. Arsenal’s project is clear, under Arteta has put together a good sporting project. Targeting the top four this season but fighting for the league title after the next 2/3 seasons.

Of course, Manchester United is the European team, but because of bad management, they have not been able to move forward. Maybe Martinez or Casemiro didn’t make the right decision, or maybe Man U will turn around after the next few seasons, time will tell.

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